Friday, 27 October 2006

ABI fixed; 5.0.27 & 5.0.28 built

A week ago, I noted the following:

The MySQL 5.0.26 released 3 Oct 2006 contains an embarrassing ABI breakage. We’re fixing this bug right now, and making a new build including the first binaries which will carry the name “MySQL Community Server” and “MySQL Enterprise Server” (which obviously did not exist on 3 Oct 2006). We’ll notify both our community and our customers of the new builds when they’re available.

Sorry about the trouble. We’re also improving our internal QA and build processes, in order to avoid future, similar problems.

Now, we have fixed the ABI breakage and built new releases.

  • MySQL Community Server 5.0.27 is built and the packages are being seeded to our mirrors. We will send a release announcement, as we've always done, to, when most mirrors are up to date. This is the first binary carrying the name “MySQL Community Server”.

  • MySQL Enterprise Server 5.0.28 is built and our customers are being informed about how to get the new binaries. This is the first binary carrying the name "MySQL Enterprise Server".

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