Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Podcast with Scott Mace available on IT Conversations

During the MySQL Users Conference late April, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Scott Mace in his ITConversations series. The podcast is now available online.

In his commentary to my podcast, Scott says

Open-source database management software is in millions of hands. Find out how MySQL profitably blazed this trail, and how Kaj Arnö of MySQL is helping define GPL 3.0, and how MySQL lives with the complexity of software patents and multiple storage engines. Kaj also discusses how MySQL both competes and cooperates with Oracle. Also, whatever came out of last year's summit of open source database providers? Arno also discusses the forthcoming Falcon storage engine, MySQL-powered Netflix's lawsuit against Blockbuster, .Net plans, its SCO partnership, and the great vodka chocolate giveaway.

Scott Mace is a writer, editor, analyst and -- as listeners of his podcasts will notice -- expert podcaster. You might also want to listen to the other IT Conversations podcasts with people like Steve Wozniak, Clayton Christensen, Lawrence Lessig, Steve McConnell and Tim O'Reilly.

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