Friday, 30 June 2006

OSBC Europe in London

GPLv3 was the theme of the presentation in OSBC Europe in London this Tuesday, where I was on a panel together with Dietmar Tallroth of Nokia and Eben Moglen of the FSF.

I stressed four key topics:

  1. Ubiquity: We need a GPLv3 that not only achieves the same level of ubiquity as GPLv2, but goes beyond it.

  2. Software Patents: We need a GPLv3 that goes as far as possible protecting the industry from the adverse effects of legislations that allow software patents, without sacrificing the goal of ubiquity.

  3. Dual licensing: We need a GPLv3 that supports the proliferation of companies licensing their products both under GPL and under commercial licenses, as this further expands the universe of GPL software and encourages the establishment of new viable businesses.
  4. Clarity: We already have a GPLv3 draft that supports the detachment of GPL from being hardcoded one particular legal system, and makes it usable in many countries.

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