Friday, 3 March 2006

Hiring: Developers, developers ...

Believe it or not, we have a shortage of developers at MySQL. We have more positions open than there are candidates to fill the posts with.

As such, MySQL AB enjoys an inflow of quite a lot of applications. It feels like a privilege to be attractive to professionals across the world.

MySQL developers on conference in Malta

However, we have very specific needs. On, I counted eight positions open regardless of your location in the world, and five of them are in development:

There are other worldwide positions in Services (Support Engineer, Senior Consultant, Senior Curriculum Developer) and five European positions in Services/Engineering (SAP Practice Manager, Senior Consultants, Senior Instructor, Technical writer - Certification Exams, Development Engineer / Unit-Testing and Benchmarking).
Brian (part of)
A hurdle? See Step 1.


  1. read "Finding an open source programming job", an interview of Brian Aker, our Director of Architecture and a benevolent hurdle to pass for anyone interested in a Dev job at MySQL

  2. do your background research on MySQL (at least the product, preferrably also the company)

  3. do something (code, implement) related to MySQL and your desired position

  4. send a personal email to whomever you might know (or have met, or have heard presenting) inside MySQL AB; this speeds things up, but is obviously not a requirement

  5. fill in our Job Application Form on the web (it'll likely be processed faster than if you email, especially addressing how you fit the qualifications

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