Monday, 30 January 2006

The Truth behind European of the Year?

Norbert Bollow, the man who already made himself a name in the campaign against software patents by founding, now runs a new website where he questions whether the 'European of the Year' award really [was] decided by the votes in the public poll, as it should have according to the predefined rules set by European Voice itself.

Banana Republic runs a good summary in German of what it's all about. My own thinking, also quoted in that article, is that I have a hard time understanding how anybody -- including the declared winner Jean-Claude Juncker -- would have been able to gather more votes over Internet than Florian Müller did. I'm not questioning Jean-Claude Juncker's merits as European of the Year, but I'd be very surprised if he were the legitimate winner of the ballot.

So if you aren't particularly fond of Banana Republic like political intransparency winning grounds in Europe (regardless if you're an EU citizen or not), why not sign a bundle of open letters on the web site (at the bottom of the page)!

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