Monday, 16 January 2006

New SCO announcement

Today, SCO announces MySQL Network for SCO OpenServer 6 at the National Retail Federation event in New York. The announcement is also on the MySQL Partner Site.

The news of this announcement, beyond the September 2005 SCO partnership press release, is that the porting to OpenServer 6 has now been completed, and thus SCO will begin reselling MySQL Network through their partner channel to their customers as planned in Sep 2005.

We got some questions on the nature of the deal between MySQL AB and SCO back then, and I might as well answer some PAQ ("Presumably Asked Questions") in advance.

  • Although SCO will be offering our commercial MySQL Network subscriptions to their customers, the deal also has allowed us to offer a community edition of MySQL 5.0 for OpenServer -- available now under the GPL at

  • From a community perspective, I am thus happy to use the money we receive from SCO to expand the universe of GPL software.

  • FOSS is about choice. By porting MySQL to OpenServer, we are offering more users access to more open source software.
  • SCO's platforms are quite widely used in retail and other SMB industries so we are helping fulfil our mission to make database management affordable and available to more people.

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