Monday, 5 December 2005

Announcing MySQL 5.1 alpha: Partitioning & Co.

MySQL 5.0 has been downloaded over four million times: two before GA, and two after GA. We're proud of these numbers. But life does not stop at MySQL 5.0.

So we have now announced the first public version of MySQL 5.1 alpha. Remember, alpha at MySQL means that we're still adding features.

One of the hottest new features is partitioning. Partitioning allows distributing portions of individual tables across a filesystem, according to rules which can be set when the table is created.

In effect, different portions of a table are stored as separate tables in different locations - but the user still sees the partitioned table as a single table.

If you have datasets of several terabytes, we would be very happy if you help us out with some testing.

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