Saturday, 12 November 2005

Not on Acropolis

This is the Saturday afternoon that I am not spending discussing MySQL with the Greek MySQL community, strolling on the Acropolis.

See, MySQL AB has had a developer meeting in Athens. The Dev-MTX has met, i.e. the eXtended Development Management Team. Wednesday morning, I had already checked in to the Frankfurt-Athens flight (coming from the OS DB Conference). As I came to the airport, the flight was cancelled due to an airport strike and I had to return back home to Finland instead.

In the meantime, David Axmark, Michael Schiff and Serg Golubchik cleared out the situation in Athens, by

  • hosting a small user meeting at our hotel in Athens on Thursday

  • presenting at the University of Piraeus today Saturday

In general, there are a lot of MySQL User Groups all across the world, from New York to Tiruchchirappalli, from Silicon Valley to Melbourne, from Stuttgart to Tulsa. Whenever MySQLers are travelling, we try to meet with the MySQL Meetups and User Groups. As we write on our User's Group page:

MySQL User Groups organize face-to-face meetings in hundreds of cities around the world, providing an excellent environment to share your experience with fellow users. Some meetings are informal, with a chat over a coffee or a beer. Other meetings have a more formal nature, with presentations or tutorials. Some groups do both, alternating.

MySQL AB, as part of its Community efforts, encourages and supports MySQL User Groups and other local groups and activities. MySQL AB developers and other experts often visit local user groups!

This page lists the MySQL User Groups which we know are active, organised per continent, country and state. If there is no user group yet in your area, please consider starting one!

To start your local MySQL group, you can use MySQL AB has an agreement in place with to cover the organizer fees. Simply click at the link at the top of the page to request your electronic voucher so you can become organizer.

For Athens, we owe a big thank you to the local hosts and organisers from the Hellenic Linux Users Group, especially Spiros Bolis, Dimitris Glynos studying at the University of Piraeus, and Professor Yannis Theodoridis who allowed us to use their big 300 people auditorium. Efharisto!


  1. Good that you hade a meeting in Athens.

    When can we expect an odbc connector that will be able to translate correctly Greek Characters within windows applications like access ?

  2. MySQL has supported the Greek character set for a long time, but to be more specific in my reply, I had a chat with our main Charset developer.

    He tells me: There should not be any problems to use greek characters with any kind of API, including ODBC, JDBC, etc, with any MySQL version: 3.23, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0.

    If you are experiencing problems with Greek characters, it is most likely a configuration issue. We need more information to be able to help.

    - which version of MySQL, which version of Connector/ODBC?
    - how does it look that Greek characters are not translated correctly?
    - "SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'character_set%';" output
    - "SHOW CREATE TABLE" output for the involved tables