Friday, 14 October 2005

Vote Against Software Patents

Now there is a convenient and easy way for developers across the world to vote against software patents.

As I noted earlier, there is an ongoing election for European of the Year. But there have been hurdles for those who wish to vote. Sure you can vote at, but honestly, do you know whether you would prefer Anna Marszalek of Rzeczpospolita or Alina Mungiu-Pippidi of the Romanian Academic Society to become Journalist of the Year? At least I strongly dislike the risk of voting against my own true opinion, and just in order to vote against Software Patents by voting for Florian Müller, I need to express an opinion in ten different areas.

FFII and Florian Müller, with some PHP coding help from MySQL AB, just made it easier. For those who are informed about Software Patents, it's a no-brainer to support Michel Rocard for MEP of the year and not to support Charlie McCreevy for Commissioner of the Year. That, and other thoughts, are now collected into a PHP script which is shameless enough to come with a suggestion on how to vote. Try it out at, and then see if you feel comfortable to vote at BTW, if you vote, you'll still have to confirm your vote by replying to an email automatically sent to you by EV50.

Florian and Kaj shaking hands
Florian and me shaking hands (right before I went to Oktoberfest)


  1. As a U2 fan, it was tough for me to not give Bono a vote (I hope he apologizes), but it's so important for 'little developers' like me that there are no software patents, that I'm still convinced that my vote for Florian Müller was the best choice :-).


  2. "right before I went to Oktoberfest"

    I'm glad you clarified that.

  3. Yup, these are not my daily standard clothes. :)

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