Wednesday, 12 October 2005

This week's winner in the MySQL 5 contest: Markus Popp

Autriche, douze points!

OK, so this is not the Eurovision song contest (*) and I don't specifically vote for Austria (**), but this week's winner comes from Austria and is nobody else than Markus Popp, who has won an iPod nano!

Markus has started a free MySQL db hosting service that uses MySQL 5.0 at and is an active blogger at

Markus is actively soliciting for input on MySQL 5 on his webpage. And of course, he has submitted bug reports to MySQL -- the basic goal of our contest.

Good job, Markus!

(*) For our non-European readers: that's a yearly classic event going on since tens of years, which everybody watches but nobody admits watching.

(**) Although I would have reason to do so, since they host interesting events that I have taken pictures at.

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  1. Hi Kaj!

    thanks for this great price, it's a great honour to me and a phantastic
    thing to see that even a little developer like me can make a contribution to a great product that's being used by millions of users :-).

    See you,