Saturday, 1 October 2005

Running around

To recover from drinking beer at the Oktoberfest, I had to increase my amount of running this week. Against an average 15 km, I did 47 km this week. Happily, I made a new record 1:07:09 on the standard 13 km "around Ikea" run. That's an average speed of 11,6 km/h or a 8 min 20 sec mile (for those of my readers, should I have any, who are from the parts of the New World where medieval units are preferred).

Tom, between the jugs of beer at Oktoberfest, was asking me whether I feel a pressure to run. No I don't. It's strictly relaxation, and I have low ambitions:

  • To keep reasonably fit

  • To have fun

  • To catch some fresh air

  • To follow the changing seasons

  • To chat with friends who join the run

  • To chat with friends over the phone

If I want to win while running, it's just a question of beating my own earlier times or distances. This means I do keep a log of my runs, so I know I've run 568 km so far this year, as opposed to 409 km at the same time last year.

So today, I was running over 20 km for the first time since 2002. It was a long run around Bredviken (Munksnäs-Fölisön-Drumsö-Kägeludden-Otnäs-Tarvo-Munksnäs) with long-time friend Ralf on inline skates. In the beginning he asked whether I tend to keep up my normal speed for all of 21 km. At the end, he noted it was hard to keep such a slow pace on his inline skates.

But I made the 21 km!

Kaj running his first marathon 2000
Me running my first marathon 2000

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