Friday, 7 October 2005


If NewsForge, SourceWire and Linux PR report about it, it must be true: I'm now officially "Vice President of Open Source Community Relations".

I'm happy to notice the news got picked up by many sites, such as the International PHP Magazine, as well as by Toolinux in French.

The official press release on my appointment and the one on MySQL 5.0 Release Candidate seem to have found its way to plenty of places. Less than two months ago, googling for "Kaj Arnö" gave 631 hits, when it today gave me 12,800 hits. A growth of 1928 % in two months would normally be something to remember to tell the grandchildren about, but I suspect Google improved its search coverage at the same time, and I am sure a lot of the 12,800 are headlines in pages from which I will disappear as soon as I appeared there.

OK, that's enough of narcissism for a while.

And thanks to everyone who has sent me congratulations!

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