Monday, 26 September 2005

Oktoberfest 2005

This was my fourth Oktoberfest, and the first one in voller Montur, i.e. dressed in Lederhosen, a Bavarian white shirt, and Haferl shoes and socks. And it was the best one so far!

The Hippodrom tent on Sunday morning

Friday in Munich started just fine, having arrived by train from Vienna (SAP TechEd). Within three hours, I had already ticked off the top three items on my permanent Munich wish list:

  1. Buying Müslisemmeln (small non-sweet breads with raisins) at Rischart

  2. Running my favourite 11 km jogging round around Isarwehr starting from and ending at Viktualienmarkt (where I lived for two years) and going through Englischer Garten and past Deutsches Museum

  3. Leaving some money at the Hugendubel book store at Marienplatz (bought two books by Boris Akunin; his hero Fandorin is a 19th century Russian James Bond)

But the weekend had more in store.

My wife, myself and my long-time friend Miki drinking a Maß

Friday evening, my wife Kirsten and I first had a hoiber Hendl (half a chicken) at the Haxnbraterei and then made it at 22:00 into the Augustiner tent. Within 2 seconds of getting our beers (1 litre each) served, we made instant friends with the neighbouring Bavarians at our table. With a forced stop at 23:00, not many beers were consumed, but the ride back home to our friend Miki was a merry one with the usual barriers of communication disappeared.

Saturday, we met with Florian Müller to discuss how to help him becoming "European of the Year". Stay tuned!

But as Wiesn is something you have to do day-time, we went directly to meet our friends Tom & Gitti at the Winzerer Fähndl tent. Had plenty of opportunities to eat and drink some more.

As if two days (OK, with some interruptions) of Wiesn wouldn't be enough, we continued 10:30 on Sunday morning. This time at the hip Hippodrom for a breakfast of Weisswurst and (what do you think?) beer.
Weisswurst for breakfast

The climax came right after we were joined by our 11 year old son for some family fun. We went to the Teufelsrad, an attraction from 1910 aptly named "Devil's Wheel". It's a wheel with some 5-6 m in diameter, where they ask for the crowd to come up, sit down and try to stay on board fighting both the centrifugal force and the "evil" assistants using ropes and other tricks to launch the poor contestants into the periphery. While my son only managed to be in the top third of the "boys from 8 to 12" category, my wife was the overall winner of the "ladies 18 to 92" category. An eternal honour, something she as a Saupreiss ("damned northern German") will always be able to refer to in front of Bavarian friends.
My wife winning at the Teufelsrad


  1. Hey old swedish fellow!! ;o)

    What a shame we could not see Kirsten in the very last upright position.
    Would have been a fabulous view.
    We had a great time together and we will miss you for the next ??? days ... weeks ... months??? Hope seeing both of you soon back in good old munich
    Gitti & Tom

  2. [...] To recover from drinking beer at the Oktoberfest, I had to increase my amount of running this week. Against an average 15 km, I did 47 km this week. Happily, I made a new record 1:07:09 on the standard 13 km “around Ikea” run. That’s an average speed of 11,6 km/h or a 8 min 20 sec mile (for those of my readers, should I have any, who are from the parts of the New World where medieval units are preferred). [...]